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Was Every Guest Smashed on Leno?

by Amber Lee

A producer for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno is putting out a book on everything he saw over the years. It'll be called ' Behind the Curtain. ' One thing he let slip is that Jay Leno had a bar set up backstage nicknamed 'The Jay Bar.' It helped guests loosen up before their segment. Well, some guests got too loose.

" Quentin Tarantino Csars 2011 " by Georges Biard - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons .

In 2003, Quentin Tarantino got wasted and slurred his way through the show. Somehow, Quentin got it pulled from Youtube. You can't find a clip anywhere! How much money do you think that took?

Who was the biggest pain in the ass? Christian Bale, according to the Producer. He didn't want to answer even basic questions about his personal life.

Who was the biggest diva? Eddie Murphy. HERE'S WHY.