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  • Map of West, TX around the fertilizer plant explosion

    Posted by Lunchbox

    I still don't know why two shcools, a playground, nursing home, and residential homes are so close to this plant, but here's HOW close they acutally are:

    Knowing that those structures, and people, were that close, you have to fear the worst when we see and hear this blast...


    These are super raw videos, and might make you feel uncomfortable.



  • The Mayflower oil spill that we aren't allowed to see

    Posted by Lunchbox

    So Exxon had a pipelin in the small Arkansas town of Mayflower is killing wildlife, ruining woodlands, and destroying local resident's property. This thing is pretty massive...but why haven't people heard about it? Well, Exxon has a media blackout in the area. The local police have been keeping media outlets from entering the area. No camera crews, no photo journalists, no one from the media period. They've also restricted the airspace above the spill using the local and federal government to enforce it. Pretty crazy stuff. But what they didn't count on was local residents using their own cameras to capture the spill, and the internet to spread the photos. Here is a gathering for the pictures of the quietest natural disaster of our lifetime...

    I know it's easy to write off because it's Arkansas, and not here. But what if it was? What if you woke up to find out your house was in the middle of an epic oil spill? That Exxon was here to tell you that you'll have to move out for 4-5 weeks while they clean up? Doesn't seem cool...but as usual, nothing will change. 

  • A floor of pennies

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Yes, pennies...not very expensive, and looks pretty good. Too bad they didn't splurge and go with dimes...

    And NO, your feet won't smell like metal all the time, the owners say they're sealing the floor, so they won't actually be stepping directly on the pennies. No word yet on whether they're all heads or all tails up.

  • A spy in Wisconsin

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Yeah, that headline isn't inflated either. There was an arrest for a legit spy from China here in Wisconsin. What was he stealing? Cancer research...

    This is Hua Jun Zhao, he was arrested for stealing cancer research from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. 

    Seriously though, how big of a D-bag do you have to be to steal CANCER RESEARCH!?!? I get that it's HUGE money, and the person, or company, that breaks through will make billions...but this is a crime against humanity. Jerk.

    Read more of the story here from the Huffington Post

  • The insane story of Brian Banks

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Brian Banks was a 5-star, highly recruited, high school football player. He was set to head off to USC, ready to play linebacker with Clay Matthews and the other USC LB stars. Then, he was accused of rape by a fellow high school student. Banks maintained his innocence, but was arrested, and convinced by his legal team that no jury would believe him. So he pled to rape and kidnapping charges.

    Banks football careeer was over, even though he knew he was innocent.

    After spending 5 years in prison, Banks was released, but had to wear an ankle monitor and report to the California sex offender registry. 

    Eariler this year, the TV show 60 Minutes worked with Brian Banks to put his story out into the public. After Banks was released, he was contacted by the woman who accused him of rape years ago. Banks and his lawyers set up a camera, and allowed the woman to admit Banks was innocent. The recording was taken to court, and Banks guilty plea was overturned, he became a free man.

    That's the first happy part. Banks didn't get those 5 years back, he didn't get his college football career back, but what he did get was a phone call from former USC head coach Pete Carroll, who was now coaching the NFL's Seattle Seahawks. He wanted Banks to try out for the team. Banks did, but he was rusty, not ready to play at the NFL level, so he never made the team.

    Banks spent some time playing semi-pro football, and working hard to get in NFL shape. His dream is to take back the path he was on, that was stolen from him.

    Today, he's again, a step closer...

    NFL insider Jay Glazer is reporting that Banks has signed with the Atlanta Falcons. He will start training with the team during their first off-season OTAs on April 22nd. Let's hope Banks makes it...this is one of the best sports stories I've seen in the last decade, please fate, give us a happy ending, even if it's only for one play. I'll even take a pre-season game. 



  • The Easter Bunny Hates You

    Posted by Lunchbox

    It's true...when he's not giving kids gifts, he's kicking ass...

    Now check out the video for the REAL action!

    Just stay out of his way the other 364 days in the year...