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  • Some things shouldn't be made of wood...

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Yeah, you can make a lot of jokes about the title of this blog post...but to be honest, there ARE some things that shouldn't be made of wood. But this list really isn't a list of things that are REGULARLY made of wood that shouldn't be, they're just fun things that you can't believe someone took the time to make out of wood. See the list here.

  • Hey NFL! Why So Serious!?!

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Cincinnati's Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco like to call themselves "Batman & Robin" so if I was going to play against them, I would have to choose a villain to be...Buffalo WR Stevie Johnson made a wise choice this past weekend...and it's too bad he'll get fined for his good taste this week...

  • Social Network II

    Posted by Lunchbox

    If you haven't read about how Facebook came to be or watched the movie Social Network, let me try to get you up to speed in as little as possible:

    The guys who started Facebook were accused of stealing the idea. They were taken to court over it. They came to a settlement with their accusers, then their accusers decided they wanted more. 

    OK, now that we're to that point, let's introduce the new twist, a judge has ruled the accusers who were awarded $65 million need to pay their lawyer before their new appeal is settled...I smell a sequel to Social Network!!!

    Read the real story here



  • Record labels are stupid

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Look, I am in radio, we play music, it's what we do. So you might think I would defend record labels. WRONG!

    Record labels are stupid. They are too big and bulky to think straight, kinda like the Frankenstein monster. They are too greedy for their own good. And that is what has cost them over the past two decades.

    Now, in addition to being IGNORANT towards the radio industry, they are trying to BURY A REGULAR MOM IN DEBT in Minnesota. READ THE STORY HERE. 

    The RIAA is a bunch of greedy billionaires who want to stuff their pockets more money while destroying the lives of regular Americans. They don't want to pass any money onto artists, writers, producers, or anyone but their upper 2%. It's sick, and I can't believe anyone who could be selected as a juror in one of these cases would side with them...