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  • The Geek'd Blog's Presidential Debate Drinking Game

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Tonight is the first Presidential Debate, and a good excuse to get wasted.

    Here's how to play at home:

    Take a drink of beer any time someone says:


    Budget Plan

    Tax Returns

    Green Energy 



    Take a shot any time someone says:

    Ronald Reagan


    Bin Laden


    Shotgun a beer if someone:

    Comes after another person for strapping a dog to the roof of a car

    Says a President wasn't born in the United States

    Offers anyone a $10,000 bet

    Mentions Reddit

    Busts out a decade of tax returns

    Fist-bumps Peyton Manning

    Gives a shout-out to anyone named Pookey

  • BOX TOPS - Top 10 Songs of 2002

    Posted by Lunchbox


    Let's turn the clock back 10 years to see what 2002 gave us. Now I'm not going to just throw out a list of the top selling songs from 02, or what are the top 10 songs from that year that still get, I'm going to again use my own formula to create the list. Here are the metrics: could you escape the song in 2002? Is the song, or BAND, still relevant today? Did it add anything to the genre of ROCK music? 

    For example, in 2002 bands like Good Charlotte and Coldplay were playing in the rock game, yet today, no one would consider either artist ROCK artists. So even though Coldplay's "Clocks" was a crazy smash, and Good Charlotte's "The Anthem" got play on Rock Radio in 2002, neither even sniff the playlist today. Same can be said for Avril Lavigne and Jimmy Eat World. 

    2002 also closed the Rock chapter for the band No Doubt. The band gained serious alternative cred in the late 90s, but when "Hella Good" and "Hey Baby" dropped in 02, we knew it was over.

    Let's start this countdown with a song that JUST missed inclusion on the list, only becuase their career didn't take off the way this song suggested it would...when The Used brought "The Taste of Ink" to the party, I thought they'd be around dropping massive hits for a LONG time...but after only crashing the top 10 once in ten years, I've written them off, and so this song, just misses the cut...

    Just missed the cut - "The Taste of Ink" - The Used

    #10 - "Poem" - Taproot

    They came, they owned, they went away...well, they didn't GO AWAY, but they've never been able to achieve the success that "Poem" brought. It was the 5th most played rock song of the year 2002, and cracked the top 5 on radio airplay charts...and it still sees play today. This song would have been a lot higher if songs like "Calling" would have seen more success to help the bands resume

    #9 - IT'S A TIE! "Fell In Love With a Girl" - White Stripes

    #9 - IT'S A TIE! "No One Knows" - Queens of the Stoneage

    Hear me out on this one...Both of these bands carried alternative rock radio for a good chunk of 2002. The White Stripes "Fell In Love With a Girl" was their first single to gain traction on a national level, opening the door for hits like "Blue Orcid", "Icky Thump", and "Seven Nation Army". While Queens of the Stoneage had experienced some success before "No One Knows" this was their first, and only #1 single. I guess all it took was Dave Grohl to be the quest drummer. Grohl jumped on board with the band for the album and tour, but only as a guest, not an official member. The band continued to have success through the 00's and are working on their 6th studio album.

    #8 - "The Red" - Chevelle

    Welcome to the scene Chevelle...who knew three brothers with only three instruments could make so much noise. Chevelle busted into the top 5 for the first time ever with "The Red", and they've been back to visit a lot since. The song took what Tool had been doing for years, and made it mainstream...and Tool should probably send the Loeffler's a fruit basket, because their popularity led to non-Tool fans finding their music.

    #7 - "All My Life" - Foo Fighters

    Until 2002, with as much success as the Foo Fighters had, they only had ONE #1 single...that changed when they dropped "All My Life" from their One By One album. The song spent 10 weeks at #1 on rock charts, won a Grammy, and gave the band their heavier sound that they've continued to use to this day. If you needed a bit more, today it is still the second most played song from 2002 on rock radio.

    #6 - "Chop Suey!" - System of a Down

    WAKEUP! GRABADBUCHSAPERDAMERKAMERKUP! Think about the first time you heard didn't have a damn clue what was just said...but you wanted more. In 2002, you got more. System of a Down OWNED 2002...even though "Chop Suey!" was released in late 2001, it didn't see a rise on the charts until 2002. It was the first Top 10 track for the band, which they saw 2 more of in '02 alone. It wasn't their biggest hit of the year, but it was their first.

    #5 - "Bother" - Stone Sour

    It was first "Bother" from Corey Taylor...but later the band took full credit for the song that tore up rock charts, along with other formats, including ADULT CONTEMPORARY. The song got its start on the Spider-Man soundtrack, and introduced us all to Stone Sour...which also started A TON of debates between friends when the fact that Corey Taylor was not only the vocalist for Stone Sour, but also his other project, Slipknot. People couldn't grasp that, the guy from this song is the guy who wears a mask and tears it up with Slipknot!??! Yup, and Stone Sour was actually around BEFORE Slipknot...but anyway, the band has continued to see success, even today as we wait for their new album House of Gold & Bones Part 1

    #4  - "In The End" - Linkin Park

    By 2002, most people knew who Linkin Park was, they'd heard "Crawling" and "One Step Closer" and were starting to embrace the next generation of nu-metal. So when the band threw "In The End" our way, we were ready, and it shot to #1...their first #1 single. It shot Hybrid Theory to 10,000,000 copies sold...really think about that number, in the Napster/Lime Wire era, they sold 10 million copies. And THIS song made that happen.

    #3  - "You Know You're Right" - Nirvana

    Yes, we're talking 2002, and Nirvana shows up. It was almost a decade into the burtal court battles between the remaining members of Nirvana, and Yoko Ono impersonator Courtney Love over the song, when it happened, they came to an agreement. "You Know You're Right" was going to be released! It was the last song recorded by the band, the last one to ever be released, and it turned out to be one of their best ever. It shot to #1 on almost every rock chart anywhere, and still holds its own today.

    #2  - "Blurry" - Puddle of Mudd

    Released in late 2001, the song took some time to boil up for 2002, where it spent 9-10 weeks on different rock charts as #1. It became the groups first #1 song, and is their highest selling, most successful song to date. AOL Radio named it the #3 alternative rock song of the decade in 2009. The band is still a "household" name with rock radio, but with Wes Scantlin's recent legal trouble, they've become a topical joke, bu this song was no joke in '02

    #1  - "Aerials" - System of a Down

    I told you, this was System of a Down's year..."Chop Suey!" is on our list, and "Toxicity" could have been too. But this song, "Aerials" was their only #1 of 2002. Since they've only had TWO ever, that's pretty big. The band has continued to be one of the most demanded acts in rock, which is amazing, since they haven't put out a studio album in 7 years. 

  • You kids ever wonder what Betty White USED to look like?

    Posted by Lunchbox

    We all love Betty White, if you say you don't, I will punch you in the mouth. But we're all used to Betty looking like this...

    But what did Betty look like back in the day...thanks to the internets, we can find out...


    Feel free to click on it for a larger view...

  • The "GIANT" Packers protest this morning at Lambeau

    Posted by Lunchbox

    So I got a little excited this morning when I read a story from a "news source" that said there were "thousands" of people heading out to protest the NFL at Lambeau...then I talked to a friend who went out there...

    2...that's right, TWO whole signs were out this morning. WHOA! MIND = BLOWN!

  • BOX TOPS - Top 5 NFL Scab Ref Memes

    Posted by Lunchbox


    After last night's Seattle Screw-Job, I thought it would be fun to rank the Top 5 memes of the NFL scab refs and their we go!

    #5 - Free Throws


    #4 - Saints


    #3 - Fantasy Team


    #2 - Second Base



  • Refs who were fired by the Lingerie Football League now NFL scabs

    Posted by Lunchbox

    No, that's not a firey, inflammatory, headline just to get a rise out of Green Bay fans this morning...this is legit. REFS WHO WERE TOO INCOMPETENT TO CALL LINGERIE FOOTBALL LEAGUE GAMES ARE NOW MAKING CALLS IN THE NFL. 

    According to the Deadspin article this morning, the same officials who cost the Packers a game last night, may have been fired by the Lingerie Football League. How does that make you feel Packers fans? The golden thread is coming out of the NFL, and lets hope the greedy owners are classy enough to stop it now, and bring the real guys back. 


  • iPhone 5 pictures start hitting the web

    Posted by Lunchbox

    iSheep are going nuts over the release of the iPhone 5 today. The homless will finally be able to reclaim thier land outside of iStores across the country today. There are also people waiting for theirs to arrive in the mail. Someone who works at a FedEx distribution center sent this pic to the web early this morning...its a sea of iPhones...and iSea...

    (I guess the circle on the one box was a joke to his friend that he Tweeted the pic to, that box is supposed to belong to him)

  • Oppa BATMAN Style...

    Posted by Lunchbox

    The video is funny, but I feel like its starting to run its now its time for the parodies! 

    If there isn't a video of this in the works yet, someone is missing out a on ton of internet karma...

  • Remember the Problem Child movies?`

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Hells yes I do...those movies were a HUGE part of my childhood...well, here is a sweet before-and-after of stars Michael Oliver and Ivyann Schwan...

  • List of the hottest rock daughters

    Posted by Lunchbox

    The website recently put together a list of the Top 17 Hottest  Rockstar Daughters. On the list you'll find singers, models, and, well, porn stars...

    On the list is Avy Lee Roth, the daughter of David Lee Roth of Van Halen. Now Avy and her mother confirm that she is Diamond Dave's child, but he's stayed silent on the issue. ALSO, since Dave has paternity insurance, he cannot be sued to prove if he is or isn't...its the same story with his other 3 kids. 

    Here's the list of the 17 Hottest Rockstar Daughters from