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  • Super Golden Friends!

    Posted by Mojo

    This is what the show intro would look like if the Super Friends were mashed with the Golden Girls.  I still don't understand why Aquaman was ever a "super hero".

  • Real Deal Hot Wheels

    Posted by Mojo

    This video reminds me of growing up and exactly what I wanted to see Hot Wheels do.

    This was shot at the X Games 2012 in Los Angeles.  Looks like fun.

  • President Gots Moves!

    Posted by Mojo

    I am not a big fan of Jay Leno, I thought this was amusing though.  This shows what President Obama was "Doing" leading up to the big announcement about healthcare.

  • High Heels + Astro Turf = FAIL

    Posted by Mojo

    Don't mind the morons screaming.  

    Ladies, at what point do you just say "I can stop looking like a dumb ass if I just take them off"...?

  • Hot Chick Get's Cooled Off!

    Posted by Mojo

    This chick gets cooled off, by what I am assuming is her brother.  No, they aren't from Arkansas, funny prank.  She cares more about him breaking his neck then him ruining her mp3 player.....aaawwwww.

  • What Would Happen In America?

    Posted by Mojo

    I think this would or could happen in the U.S. but the teacher would pay the price.  Given the Spanish I don't think they are in the U.S.


  • Don't Stand So Close To The Road

    Posted by Mojo

    What made this video funny was the fact that the dude driving the truck "punched it" when he saw he the chance to get the reporter wet, HA!  Listent to the audio.