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  • Miami Hotties!

    Posted by Mojo

    The song sucks but the chicks are hot, what can I say?

  • When People Don't Reply

    Posted by Mojo

    It drives me nuts when people don't return texts. 

    Classic line from "The Office".

  • Elderly That Rock

    Posted by Mojo

    I am a huge fan of the Who.  Here some old timers cover "My Generation".  Check out thedude at 1:22.  That guy looks like he'd be fun to drink some shots with.  For safety reasons participants were limited to 1 hit of acid each.

  • Do You Suck At Jenga?

    Posted by Mojo

    I remember going to college and playing "drinking" Jenga.  The object of drinking games in my opinion is to get bombed.  This guy is either really good at Jenga or super bad at drinking Jenga.

  • Video Catch!

    Posted by Mojo

    Be careful of where you park.  Check out the first dude on the left after the accident, doesn't seem like he's in an hurry to help out.

  • iBeer!

    Posted by Mojo

    It was only a matter of time! 

  • Patriotic Hotties!

    Posted by Mojo

    I believe that freedom isn't free.  This memorial day weekend (to be honest, any day) take time to remember those that have fought for our freedom to ROCK. 


    God Bless America!

  • Look Out For The OTHER Driver!

    Posted by Mojo

    Be careful of those OTHER drivers.  Watch at the end, the dude who was filming gets out of his car and does nothing to help the driver of the semi trapped in the cab!