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  • Vintage Vanna White Pics!

    Posted by Mojo

    In a recent interview Pat Sajak admitted that he and Vanna White would go across the street from the "Wheel of Fortune" studios to drink margaritas between taping episodes of "Wheel of Fortune".  I grew up watching that show, I always thought that Vanna White was hot.  She's gonna be 55 next month!  Here's a few pics from the past.


    I like mirrors....


    Someone please get her a cheeseburger.


    She had to cool the buns off.


    Vanna has a "fun" side, not so innocent.


    Vanna is good at turning letters and blowing.


    Sweet "Baywatch" one piece.


    I bet her hair was heavy.

  • Sad Packer's Fan!

    Posted by Mojo

    I'm a Chicago Bears fan, yeah, it was a tough season for us.  Obviously we didn't have a chance to win it all, let alone make the playoffs.  I didn't handle our losses this season like this chick though.

  • Hotties Plunging Toilets!

    Posted by Mojo

    I hate plunging the toilet, these girls don't seem to mind.  Believe it or not there is a whole website dedicated to chicks plunging their toilets.

    1.  A little ingenuity.


    2.  Plunging the toilet can be fun.


    3.  How come the dude behind her is just standing there?


    4.  Aaaah, the fun at college.


    5.  Will she drink that beer after plunging? 

    6.  She's in an all female "Kiss", no make up, coverband.

  • Packer Hotties!

    Posted by Mojo

    The Green Bay Packers lost yesterday to Eli Manning and the Giants.  Packer fans are loyal and today they are obviously disappointed.  Here's some Packer's eye candy to ease the pain, regardless of who you root for.


    I could end up rooting for the Packers.


    Are these the same girls?


    Go Pack!


    Cheese tops!


    I think that's an apron!  I wonder if she's a good cook?  Oh, who cares?


    The #50 is normally used for defense, she is in the wrong position...or is she?

  • Chicks Eating Twinkies

    Posted by Mojo

    Hostess, the maker of "Twinkies" and other assorted tasty, fattening goodness have filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.  Let's celebrate the goodness of the Twinkie.



    Have another!


    Fried Twinkies!


    Yup, we caught you.

    It's a little blurry, I think she was holding the camera with her pinky.


    Careful, those Twinkies might be laced.......


    Best for last!



  • Doomsday Clock 101

    Posted by Mojo

    As of yesterday we are closer to nuclear holocaust :(

    I've heard about the "Doomsday Clock" my entire life.  I had questions, maybe you do.  Here's a video that explains what we can look forward too.

  • Sham Wow Dude Is Back!

    Posted by Mojo

    The guy that used to pimp Sham Wow (his name is Vince Offer, HA) is back with a new product!  If he's doing this, what would Billy Maze have endorsed if he hadn't snorted too much blow?

  • Salt + Frog Legs = WTF

    Posted by Mojo

    Instead of a needle full of adrenaline directly to the heart to jump start someone's heart, maybe all you need is salt...check out the dancing legs.

  • Former Leaders Party

    Posted by Mojo

    Bob Hawke, who's in this video was Prime Minister of Australia from 1983-1991.  Here he's seen pounding a beer to celebrate a victory of some sort!  Rock On Old Man!

  • Have Fun With Alarms!

    Posted by Mojo

    I love nothing more than someone getting the crap scared out of themselves.

  • Gin & Juice Can Help You Win!

    Posted by Mojo

    Yeah, we're a rock station!  Who doesn't know who Snoop Dogg is?  If you answered "me", then you need to get with some "gin & juice".  He appeared on the Price Is Right......

  • Sexy Pregnancies!

    Posted by Mojo

    Tiger Woods' "mistress" Rachel Uchitel is pregnant.  She has asked for a stroller that costs almost $1100.  I think pregnant women are sexy, some moreso then others!

    I am pregnant and super happy!

    Remember this?

    Fun with balls...

    Non alcoholic beer for pregnant women, from another country...


    Heavy duty clip needed to keep them from falling out...

    I googled "sexy pregnant women" and this woman's pic came up...not so sexy.