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  • Shinedown in the house

    Posted by Lunchbox

    The crowd will go nuts for "Bully", "Sound of Madness", and "45"...but the question is how do they react to "Unity" the bands latest, and slower, single...

    Check back for pics and vids of their performance later tonight and tomorrow!

  • Rock Fest 2012 has begun

    Posted by Lunchbox

    We are LIVE at Rock Fest 2012!

    Equipment check

    Buckcerry is ready...

    The Cadott studio is up and running! 

  • Godsmack's canceled dates, what does it mean for Rock Fest?

    Posted by Lunchbox

    Godsmack is scheduled to be the headliner Friday night at Rock Fest, but recently they've been forced to back out of dates across the pond in Europe. Here's a note from Godsmack's Official Facebook Page: 

    Godsmack announced today that due to continued vocal issues with singer Sully Erna, the band are forced to cancel the remaining dates on their currently scheduled European tour. Erna was examined by throat specialists in the US yesterday and the advice of his doctors has been advised to not sing for the next several weeks to allow time for his vocal chords to heal. The current tour marked the first time the band had toured Europe in nearly nine years, and the band were only able to perform two of their fourteen scheduled dates in Europe.

    In an e-mail from Sully, he writes:

    "Sorry Europe. Seems like we can't catch a break there lately. London you were one of the best crowds we've played to in a very long time.... Belgium, you were awesome as well. As for the rest of you in Europe that we weren't able to reach, I promise you we'll be back!! For now it's lots of rest and fluids for me until my vocal specialist clears me to sing again. My deepest apologies Europe! You'll see us again. Thanks for your support and understanding."

    BUT...we've reached out to Rock Fest to find out if this will impact the party in Cadott. Here is the statement we got back:

    "They will be playing RF!"

    That's it folks! No worries...the party is on!