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  • Taxes, faith and stuff

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Tomorrow, taxes are due.  Tea parties will erupt. 




    Opposition will react. 




    Nonsense will come from both sides.

    All over pieces of paper, plastic cards and tiny bits of metal.

    Dont get me wrong, I appreciate money...



    In fact, I'd appreciate this much money, right about...NOW!  No?  Alright then...


    I like capitalism and my role in its practice.

    Every once in a while though, I have to step back and take an objective look at the human condition.

    Really, without faith that those pieces of paper, plastic cards and tiny bits of metals are actually worth something, our economy, nay, our society would collapse.

    Faith is a powerful thing.




    Not to mention being mighty nice to look at and listen to...


    But faith can also lead us to getting wrapped up in some pretty incredible behavior.  Some of that behavior is good for the human condition.



     PICTURED:  Pure awesome.

    Some of it, not so much.



    PICTURED:  Pure evil

    Again, I enjoy my share of the pieces of paper, plastic cards and bits of metal that make up our monetary system.  Sometimes I have to wonder if our society is being held back from something greater in our pursuit of them.  They make for a fun game, and a nice bit of occupation.  But are they distracting us from some greater purpose?

    I dunno, I'm just some DJ.

    But I'm a DJ who thinks about stuff like this from time to time.  If you think about it too, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.  It only takes a sec to register and we are 100% spam free.

    Be Cool,





    P.S. Yes, I know some of my recent Blogs have been a little "heavy". It's just a phase. I'll grow out of it. Honest.

  • Help wanted

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    The question I'm asked more than any other is, "How did you get to be so handsome?"



    That's the question I wish I were asked more than any other.

    The question I'm asked more than any other is, "How did you get to be on the radio?" followed by, "How can I get to be on the radio?"

    The answer, start with a gig like the one I'm about to tell you about.

    One of our sister stations needs board operators.  It's as entry level as entry level gigs get.  It's a part time gig.  The hours are mostly nights and weekends.  The pay is in the Mediterranean/Baltic Ave. neighborhood on the great Monopoly board of life.



    Note how far away you are from both Boardwalk and 200 dollars salary.


    However, the experience you'll gain is invaluable to what could be the start of a new career.

    About 12 years ago, I started as a board op for sporting events, syndicated shows and other less than exciting radio features.  I stuck with it.  Worked the worst hours for low pay EVERY WEEKEND FOR 2 STRAIGHT YEARS and today, I'm hosting my own radio show(s) and making a decent living.

    You can too.

    No experience is necessary, but a rock solid work ethic is MANDATORY!  If you're not going to show up because you'd rather party with your friends than run the board for ANOTHER high school football game, don't bother wasting our time.  We want people who WANT this opportunity.

    Still interested?  E-mail my buddy, Ken Clark, via ken.clark@mwcradio.com.  Midwest Communications is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    Be Cool,


  • I'll never get it

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Tomorrow, the state assembly is going to vote on a bill that would punish schools that use Native American imagery for their mascots.  The full story's here.

    I have Polish/Irish/German ancestry, but consider myself American first and foremost.

    When I see this...




    I couldn't care less.

    If I were to see a team mascot called the Germantown Alcholics Who Wear Funny Pants...



    Playing an accordian in the middle of the grocery store?  Of course he's sober!


    It wouldn't bother me a bit.

    If I saw a team mascot called the Poniatowski Submarine Screen Door Installers...



    While lacking a screen door, the Polish Navy's new "stealth" subs had their own issues.


    it wouldn't bother me.

    Maybe it's because I have a pretty thick skin.  As an person of Irish/German/Polish decent who's not offended by school mascots or slurs against my heritage, I don't get why anyone would be offended by the Mosinee Indians.

    But that's just the thing.  I'm NOT a Native American.  I'll never "get" why a Native American would be offended by the Mosinee Indians.

    I'd be offended if a Native American insisted that I be offended by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

    That's why I don't insist that Native Americans not be offended by the Mosinee Indians, Washinton Redskins, Cleveland Indians or any other mascot based in Native American Imagery.

    I don't "get" it.  I never will, but they shouldn't have to suffer any sort of anguish due to my not "getting" it.

    Our newsguy, Chris Conley, Blogged about this too.  He may want to read this before referencing "No Irish Need Apply".  Just sayin'.

    Be Cool,


  • Teeth brushing tunes

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Dentists say that you should brush your teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes at least 2 times a day. 

    Just like you, I don't keep a stopwatch in my bathroom either.  What I do have is a shower radio with a CD player.  So, I burned a disc with 31 2 minute long songs.  My kids listen to a song from the disc every morning and every night when they're brushing their teeth.

    So what's on that disc?  I'm glad I pretended you asked.  Presenting, The Stevens Family Tooth-Brushing Tracklist:



    When you're trying to stick to two minutes, you tend to lean on punk and early rock-n-roll, but hey, anything for good dental health, right?

    Be Cool,


  • Don't let the name fool you

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    The Eagles of Death Metal are neither an Eagles Tribute band, nor a Death Metal band.



    Death Metal:  Becasue nothing says, "I'm a serious musician," like gauntlets...



    What they are is one of the better new rock-n-roll groups of recent times.  The video for this song is touching, if not a bit subdued.



    Their music stands up just fine sans video.  Check it out here:



    Be Cool,


  • Rock goes up. Rock goes down.

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Monday:  "The client wants to do something totally different sounding!  Go crazy!"

    Tuesday:  "This looks cool!  Go ahead and produce it!"

    Wednesday:  "This sounds great!  I can't wait to play it for the client!"

    Wednesday afternoon:  "Uh, the client's unsure about this.  Can we dial it back a bit?"

    Thursday:  "Still too out there."

    Friday:  "Can we just read their sales brochure on the air?"



    Saturday and Sunday

    Monday, a few months later:  The client isn't seeing enough results from his ad and believes that radio sucks out loud as an advertising medium. 

    Tuesday:  "This client wants to do something totally different sounding! Go crazy!"






    Be Cool,



    Posted by Terry Stevens

    The story is HERE.





    The sigh of relief is here:  "WHEW!"



    The French reaction to the same story is up there.


    The conclusion of today's Blog is down there.

    Be Cool,


  • Waxing poetic

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    My one o' clock showed up at 2.

    He didn't what to do.

    The man had an ad that was really quite bad, and he showed it to you know who.

    I said, "Relax ol' chap.

    True, your commercial is crap.

    Just leave it to me, and you'll soon see, the selling of a better mousetrap."

    So away I went to Word

    For the polishing of a turd

    And soon he had copy that was far less sloppy, and sang like a marketing bird.

    And now, to you I turn

    More money you wish to earn?

    Bring your ad to me, I'll fix it for free, and soon you'll have money to burn.





    Most of my poetry ends up on the walls of places like this.


    Seriously, if you need another perspective on your advertising, my associates and I are happy to lend an eyeball/ear/spleen.  Call 842-1672.

    Be Cool,


  • Open letter to the Prez

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Whilst perusing the intarwebs in search of stuff to talk about/make fun of on the radio, I found this story on Channel 9's website.

    To summarize, President Obama thinks that radio stations should have to pay the Performance Tax that I've blogged about here, here, here and here.

    LOL, whut?

    The fact that President Obama is in favor of a tax that would eliminate more American jobs in favor of bailing out foreign-owned companies is shocking enough.  What I find even more shocking that the he would favor a tax that would remove music from the radio.

    Barry, buddy, you know what would replace music on the radio?




    If you think Rush (allegedly) "pill-poppin'" Limbaugh and Sean (allegedly) "I use wounded soldiers to pad my own coffers"  Hannity are a pain now, wait 'til they're on every radio station in the country.

    I catch bits and pieces of both hosts' shows while I'm at work.  I agree with them on some things and disagree on others.  Neither host is a big fan of yours.



    Not thinking things through


    Barry, for reals, don't kill music on the radio.  Pretty please?

    Be Cool,


  • Supply and demand theory dismantled.

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    So, WPS wants to raise gas and electric rates again.

    The reason given?  From the article:

    "[WPS] said the higher rates are needed because of lower electric and natural gas use due to the struggling economy and increase in energy efficiency efforts."

    LOL whut?

    Now, the last time I checked, supply and demand worked like this.

    When demand goes up, the price of the supply goes up.

    When demand goes down, the price of the supply goes down.

    Not at WPS.

    At WPS, the demand for their product has dropped, yet due to some mathmatical theory that I just can't quite wrap my tiny brain around, the price of their supply is going up.

    I'll bet they can divide by zero over there too.

    For years, we've been told that we need to conserve power, to use less energy.  Then, when we do just that, we get hit with higher rates.  So what's the answer?

    Well, going by WPS logic, the best way to lower our utility rates is to use as much energy as humanly possible.



    PICTURED:  The WPS version of fiscally prudent energy use.


    Also, going by WPS logic, these folks:




    Should be paying out the wazoo.

    I swear, this world makes no sense at all to me some days...

    Be Cool,


  • A whole Heep of music

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Uriah Heep was one of those bands that I missed the first time around.  Luckily, being in radio put me in contact with a lot of fellow music fiends.  One of those fiends was Don Clark, who turned me on to Uriah Heep.

    The fashion is gawd-awful, but this song flat out slays:



    Explore more of Uriah Heep's music here:


    Here's to turning friends and fiends on to new tunes.

    Be Cool,