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  • American Idol's covers...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    ...can be a little disconcerting to the ears and don't even get me started on "Pants on the Ground".

    With all that being said, there's no way your ears are prepared for this one.



    If you dug that, you should check out more of Hayseed Dixie's stuff.


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  • Who'd a thunk...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    ...that one of the better musical tributes to MLK Jr. would come from a bunch of pasty Irish dudes?


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  • 38 years ago today...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    ...this song started a 4 week reign at the top of the charts.  Still sounds great today.  At the very least it'll get that "Pants on the Ground" song out of your head for about 8 and half minutes.


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  • A more uplifting look at Haiti...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    ...courtesy of one of the best bands you may not have heard of before, Arcade Fire:


    It's a beautiful country whose people deserve a better society than what they currently have.

    One way that you can assist in the rebuilding is to text "Haiti" to 90999.  By doing so, you'll donate 10 bucks to the Red Cross's relief effort.  The amount will show up on your phone bill.

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  • "Your Love"

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Wasn't the only song The Outfield had:

    Hooray for lost and rediscovered tuneage!  Thanks internet!

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  • Remember The Midnight Special

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Seriously MTV, what is it that's keeping you from doing a show this good?

    Less "The Hills", more "The Music" por favor.

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  • The afterlife...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    ...according to my 6 year old daughter, Rosemary:

    Hey, did you know

    "First, you turn into a ghost."

    that if you leave your cursor

    "Then, you become a zombie."

    sitting on top of a picture

    "Then, you are a skeleton..."

    little boxes with words pop up?

    "...and then a mummy."

    Your hidden Blog Keyword is "1morbidkid".

    "After that, you're just a goner"

    Out of the mouths of babes, you know?

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  • In honor of The King

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Elvis would have been 75 today.  Too bad he didn't live to see these guys.

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  • Easy Christmas Tree recycling

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    This is a bit long, but totally worth the wait.

    Admit it.  You so want to do this.

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  • I sound like...

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Today, my voice is sounding less like Cookie Monster and more like Barry White going through puberty with a sinus condition.  Nice n' deep with a few cracks.

    I'm taking a least one more day to get it back in shape and then I'll be back on the air.

    Repairing my voice involves this tea called "Throat Coat".


    I don't look this sexy when I drink it.


    I'm not paid to endorse this stuff or anything.  I'm just saying that it REALLY makes my throat feel better and gets me back into speaking mode faster.  It tastes like black licorice, which I find disgusting.  However, I gag past it to talk pretty again.

    Honey Lemon cough drops are also part of my routine.

    By the way, Cookie Monster was more of an Issac Hayes fan:

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  • Why do I smell ham when I sneeze?

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    I know, long time not talk to, right?  So where the heck have I been anyway?  Pull up a chair and set a spell.  I'm about to tell you what I've been doing for the last 7 days.

    I should have known it would happen.  I made fun of H1N1, calling it Mexican Pig Flu or Heiny Flu and regarding is as nothing more than a nuisance.

    Then, last week happened.


    A close up of Terry's boogers.

    Monday, December 28th

    1900:  "Hmm.  I feel kinda funky."

    Tuesday, December 29th

    0700:  "Ugh.  I'm sick alright.  Probably just a 24 hour bug."


    0700-next day:  Sleep and sweat.

    Wednesday, December 30th

    0755:  "Argh.  Why do I still feel like this?  Scratch that.  I feel worse."


    0800 - ???:  Sleep and sweat

    ???:  Wife infoms me that Rosemary and Ragnar are both sick too.

    ???-next day:  Sleep and sweat.

    Thursday, December 31st

    0800:  "This is shaping up to be one miserable New Year."


    0800-????:  Sleep and sweat.

    ????:  Wife informs me that she called the doctor.  Doc says not to bring anyone in for appointment.  We all have H1N1/Mexican Pig Flu.  Rest and liquids are the only thing that will help us now.

    ????-0000:  Sleep and sweat.

    Friday, January 1st

    0000:  See a ball drop.  Blow kisses at wife who promptly dodges them for fear of catching swine flu.

    0000-????:  Sleep and sweat.

    ????:  Stay awake long enough to watch Handy Manny, Super Why, Word Girl, Max and Ruby and a couple other kids' shows before going back to sleeping and sweating.

    ????-next day:  Sleep and sweat.

    Saturday, January 2nd

    1030:  Wake up feeling better, but still feverish and funky.  Find out to great delight that TIVO recorded 10 hours of Loony Tunes.  Kids are treated to less education cartoons for the rest of the day, followed by a couple hours of video games with dad.  Sleeping and sweating resumes later that night.

    Sunday, January 3rd

    1000:  Wake up feeling same as yesterday.  This fever is a long term tenant, my sinuses are blown and my voice is shot.  Loony Tunes and video games are back.  While kids are napping, I watch a show about how the world's going to end.  Dang, History Channel.  Really?  Rosemary's fever breaks late in the day.  No luck for her dad.

    Monday, January 4th

    0700:  Wake up with a fever and a feeling that my employer is rethinking their generous sick leave policy.


    0800-1200:  Sleep and sweat.

    1200:  Wake up feeling...not bad for a change.

    1800:  NO MORE FEVER!

    1900:  TNA and WWE are going head to head on Monday night.  It's like the Monday night wars all over again!  Life is good.

    Today, January 5th

    My sinuses are still messed up.  My voice is shot, but I can still write so I'm back at work.  Hopefully, I'll be back on the air soon.  I'm drinking Throat Coat Tea, sucking on cough drops and anxiously awaiting my next airshift.

    I've missed you and hope the feeling is mutual.  If the feeling isn't mutual, that's too bad.  I'm the cheapest English speaking labor on the market right now so you're stuck with me.

    Be Cool,


  • Rolling Stone's top 10 of the Decade

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    The Top Ten are here:

    1. Green Day

    Number 1?  Really?  They're good and all but...  Well, let's not pass judgement until we see who else is on the list.

    2. Radiohead

    Radiohead is one of those bands that I feel like I'm supposed to like, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

    3. U2

    Aside from a catchy single here and there, I can't help but feel that they're coasting lately.

    4. Coldplay

    Artist request that their videos not be embedded on our site.  That's fine by me as I find Coldplay to be incredibly dull.

    5. Black Eyed Peas

    So far, the case for Green Day's number one-atude is looking pretty good.

    6. Justin Timberlake

    Yeah, I know he hails from boy band land, but I swear to you that (aside from a couple of bum tracks)"Futuresexlovesounds" is worth every penny.

    7. Bruce Springsteen

    Nice to see that Bruce is seguing nicely into "Rock Elder Statesman" status.

    8. Eminem

    Honestly, I'm afraid to even LOOK for one of this dude's videos on my work PC.  Influential, yes.  SFW, no.

    9. Jack White

    Once the White Stripes broke, a thousand more "garage-rock" bands followed.  For an all too brief period, rock got a little rough around the edges again.  Then, My Good Chemical Fall Out Charlotte happened.

    10. Jay-Z

    See Eminem for why there are no Jay-Z videos for you to watch on this page.

    Green Day in the number 1 spot?  Yeah, I guess.  I'd rank Jack White a lot higher and pop Bob Dylan into the top ten too.

    Your comments are welcome below.

    Be Cool,