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  • Snowpocalypse Now!

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Batten down the hatches.  There's a rough one coming our way.

    Your forecast is here.

    Your school closings are here.

    And a song from a pretty good new group called Snow Patrol is here:

    Be Cool (like you have any other choice),


  • Want to get your song on the radio?

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Including the word "radio" in your song never hurts.  It worked for them:

    These guys:

    Even these dudes:

    What can I say?  We're suckers for that sort of thing.

    Be Cool,


  • It's SO cold in John's and my office that...

    Posted by Terry Stevens


    It's SO cold in John and I's office that...

    I tried to catch the swine flu so I could get a fever!

    My coffee keeps turning into a Slushie!

    I changed the radio over to a talk station just to get some hot air!

    Al Gore came in and personally apologized for being off about global warming!

    News Channel 7's Mike Breunling just issued a wind chill advisory for my desk!

    I dropped a piece of paper and it broke!

    I started committing sins just to get a little closer to Hades!

    Chuck Lakefield came in to moon me (he's weird like that) and decided to draw a picture of his butt for me instead!

    I had soup for lunch and chipped my tooth!

    K-tech came in to clean and just defrosted the place instead!

    The county coronor stopped by to see if we had room for a couple stiffs!

    A soldier just back from Afghanistan stopped in to visit, and said "*#$&, it's COLD in here!"

    I had to put snow chains on the wheels of my desk chair!

    Vanessa Ryan just sprayed some water on her head and hung out in our office to save money on hairspray!

    Instead of yelling "Freeze!", the police just send perps to John and I's office!

    I had to put a ski mask on my Facebook or it would get frostbite!

    I thought I had a rock in my shoe, but it ended up being one of my toes!

    The Humane Society called to see if we wanted to adopt a penguin!

    I went to check my blood glucose and squeezed a bloodsicle out of my finger!

    I bit into a York Peppermint Patty in the hopes that I'd be magically transported to the top of Mt. Everest!

    My sneezes now qualify as projectile weapons!  (Ewwwwwwww).

    I'm going to go buy a Snuggie now.

    Be Cool,


  • Cheaters, and the women who chase them with 9-irons

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    The contents of this Blog are largely paraphrased from a blog by one of my favorite authors, Roy Williams.  He's a smart dude.  Read the original piece here.

    Tiger Woods and his wife (for now), Elin Nordegren, met in 2001 and were married on 10/5/04.  6/19/2007, their first child was born.  2/8/2009, their second child was born.

    Over the weekend, Tiger was allegedly busted by his wife for cheating.

    The facts are still rolling in, but that voice-mail doesn't paint Tiger in the most forgiving light.

    There's a theory that men are more likely to cheat on their wives not terribly long after the birth of their first child.  After all, when a child comes into the picture, dad becomes pretty much invisible.  His wife is in full momma mode.  His only interaction with her is the handoff of the child so she can get some much needed rest.  Friends and relatives walk right past him in a mad rush to be with the baby.  His needs are decidedly secondary.  What was once his own life is now committed to the service, care and feeding of a hungry mouth and a new mother who is exhausted and has little time for marital maintenance.

    Some guys "get" that the above situation is part of the whole fatherhood package and handle things with grace.  Some guys don't.

    Some guys are at work, a restaurant, a wherever, one day when a lass gives him a look that he hasn't seen in a looooooooong time from his wife.  She laughs at his stupid jokes, actually pays attention to his needs, and next thing you know...

    I'm not saying that any of the above applies to Tiger Woods situation.  It's just a theory.  By the way, that video is what passes for news in China.  And you thought our media was warped.

    Also, I make no excuses for any man who cheats on his wife.  It's the wrong thing to do.  If your marriage isn't working, work on it.  Yes, it will probably involve having long talks about uncomfortable subjects.  You might even have to have those long talks with the assistance of a professional counselor, but I'd take that over seeing my kids every other weekend any day of the week.

    A now, a word with my male reader:

    So what's a guy to do when faced with the situation described above?  Well, for starters, don't "Just Do It" (sorry, Nike).

    The reason you're attracted to the woman who isn't your wife, is because she has something that you desire.  (No, not that.  Not those either.  No, not that.  Sheesh, just keep reading.)  Aside from the obvious biological factors, ask yourself what you find attractive about the woman in question.

    Her calm/enthusiastic/casual demeanor?

    Her athleticism?

    Her poise?

    Figure out what that factor is fella, and realize that it is what you're missing in yourself.  Take that attraction and turn it into an opportunity for self-improvement.  Hit the gym, try to cultivate calm/enthusiasm/etc. in yourself, or whatever is it that you're lacking and finding in this other gal.

    Chosing the other option usually ends up meaning choosing to see your kids every other weekend and signing most of your money away in the form of child support and alimony.  Your mileage may vary, but I would stick with being a good, committed, happily married man.

    Be Cool,


  • Love what you're hearing?

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    94.7 The Valley's Greatest Hits has been in its current form more than a couple years now.  By now, you either like it or you don't. 

    If you don't like it, then you're probably not reading this anyway, so the heck with ya'.  (KIDDING!  We're always open to constructive criticism.  Hate mail, not so much.)

    If you do like it, express your like by becoming a fan of ours on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/947-WOFM-The-Valleys-Greatest-Hits/186557224308?v=wall

    We'll be posting updates on station events and all that jazz on Facebook in addition to this page.  If you like what we're doing and want to be the first one in on it, "fan" us today.

    Thanks for listening, and as always...

    Be Cool,


  • A little slice of weird

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    I enjoy the music of M. Ward quite a bit.  If you like Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles' folkier stuff or CCR, you might dig him too.

    To me, M. Ward's music sounds like it's being performed by a ghost on a radio station being run by ghosts.  It has this worn, vintage, yet otherworldly sound to it.

    He has a bit of a side project going with Zooey Deschanel (the gal from "Elf" with Will Ferrel) called She & Him.  It has an early to mid 60's pop vibe going on.  They have a new album coming out early next year.

    This delightfully strange video is from their first album.  Enjoy!

    Explore more of She & Him's music here:  http://www.lala.com/#artist/She_%26_Him

    Explore more of M. Ward's music here:  http://www.lala.com/#artist/M._Ward

    Be Cool,


  • In which Terry is Thankful

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    On the eve of this Thanksgiving Holiday, I am thankful for the following (and more):

    1)  My wife and I's marriage.  Truely, it is the foundation upon which the rest of my life is built.

    2)  The continued health and well-being of my children.

    3)  A incredible circle of kind friends who surely deserve a better subject for their kindness than I.

    4)  A great community to live in.  Central Wisconsin is a wonderful place for young families.

    5)  The ability to use my creative gifts for fun and profit.

    6)  The fact that I have a job, period.

    7)  The fact that you find what I do on the air tolerable enough to listen to.  Sometime you even find it [GASP] entertaining.  Your listenership is always appreciated.

    7)  The incredible selection at the Marathon County Public Library.  By the way, they're only 30-thousand "borrows" away from lending 1-million books in 2009.  Reserve a good read here:  http://www.mcpl.us/

    8)  The fact that my supervisor and I finally have our own printer in our office.  No more scripts being stolen!

    and finally...

    9)  I am thankful for all of the opportunities that God has put before me.  I know not why I have been given what I have received.  I only know that I will endeavor to do good by these gifts and hope that it is enough to be worthy.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and as always...

    Be Cool,


  • I like books with pictures

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Big surprise, right? 

    Seriously though, I love a good grapic novel.  I just finished Image Comics' "Stagger Lee".  Part essay on the history of a famous song, part essay on late 19th/early 20th century race relations and 100% one heck of a good read.

    The Marathon Public Library has the book in their system.  You can put it "on hold" right now here:  http://www.mcpl.us/

    By the way, The Marathon Public Library is less than 30K borrowings away from lending 1 million books in 2009.  Give 'em a hand, would ya?

    Getting back to the song, here's a link to pretty much every version ever recorded:  http://www.lala.com/#search/stagger/songs::sort=relevance:keywords=stagger%20lee

    Be Cool,



  • Eating my words...and some Christmas cookies

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    As much as I ragged on Bob Dylan's Christmas album (which I still say is gawd-awful racket for the most part), I must admit, this song and its video are pretty doggone good.  Check it out:

    Be Cool,


  • To heck with The Moon and Mars

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    I want an Earth Colony on Saturn:

    Be safe if you go hunting this weekend, and as always...

    Be Cool,


  • Today's My Birthday

    Posted by Terry Stevens

    Hope I...  Well, you know the rest and if you don't, watch this:

    More Who for you here: http://lala.com/zze6

    Be Cool,