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Go Figure

by Lori Moore

Word is that Bill and Hillary Clinton are none too pleased to be dragged into the Carlos Danger/aka Anthony Weiner drama.  They are not enjoying the parallels being drawn between the two couples saying it's like comparing apples to bowling balls.


Can't figure out WHY people would link them except:

1) Huma worked for Hillary and horned in on every picture taken of The Secretary of State

2) It was said that they bonded over Weiner's infidelity the first time around since Hillary could relate

3) Bill Clinton married the happy couple and people found great humor and irony in having that horndog play officiant

4)Hillary did the "Stand By Your Man" routine on "60 Minutes" when Bill's shenanigans came to light

So why on EARTH would people see a correlation?

Too bad Twitter didn't exist during Clinton's administration.  It would saved the taxpayers and Kenneth Starr a lot of time and money.  With Hillary eyeing a presidency of her own, rumor has it that she has told Weiner to get the heck out of the headlines and drop out of the New York mayoral race.