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John Daly hits golf ball out of woman's mouth!

by Joe Malone

John Daly has always been one of my favorite golfers. He hits the ball as hard and long as anyone on tour. Not your "conventional" golfer, he is a good ol' boy from Arkansas which is probably why I like him so much. He has been playing golf since about age 5 and in the early 90's he was really good winning 2 majors, The PGA Championship in 1991 and The Open Championship in 1995.

(Photo by Stephen Dunn-Getty Images)

He has done something similar to this before. He once teed up a golf ball on a beer can and hit it cleanly. He has also hit a golf ball out of the mouth of David Feherty before, much the same way he does here. I don't know, Daly is no doubt a professional. He has been playing golf for a long time and can play very well. In his day he was one of the best and has won some big golf tournaments but I still think I would be very hesitant to let him do this to me. Would you let him hit a golf ball out of your mouth? He swings about as hard as they come and if he were off by only a few inches you probably would be eating nothing but jello and pudding for the rest of your life. What really amazes me about the video is how he doesn't even seem to think about it. Just tees up the ball and swings away. So nonchalant, just looks effortless. I would be a ball of nerves and shaking like a leaf. I guess that's just one reason I am not a pro golfer. (There's that and the fact that I am terrible at golf)