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Do you count calories? Carbs? Sugar Calories? According to this diet it's the sugar calories we need to watch out for!

by Jessie Hawkins

Atkins, South Beach, Cave Man....names of diets that we have probably all tried in effort to lose weight.  Like all of the above this one may be no different but it's worth a shot right?  Here's some info on Jorge Cruise, fitness and diet expert on his new diet plan, "The 100".  Enjoy!

Jorge Cruise, who wrote the new diet book "The 100," which outlines how to restrict sugar, claims hundreds of people who've tried his diet lost an average of 18 pounds in two weeks.

Cruise says not all calories are the same and that it's the sugar calories that cause our bodies to hold on to fat.  On Cruise's "The 100",  you can't eat more than 100 sugar calories a day.

"There are new ways to have your cake and eat it too, literally …" he said.

But it's not that simple. Common foods that may seem healthy are loaded with hidden sugar, and reading nutrition labels can be tricky.

"So here's the total formula, bottom line: total carbs times four," he said. "Total carbs times four will tell you how many sugar calories. … Say it's 20 total carbs in an apple. Times it by four, you're looking at 80 sugar calories."

For example, Cruise said, one serving of brown rice - about one-fourth of a cup - has 35 grams of carbs. Multiply that by four, and you're already over your daily limit of sugar calories.

Some surprising foods - such as whipped cream, half and half and red wine, which has only 14 sugar calories per glass - don't pose a problem on this diet.

For people who love carbs, Cruise says they can swap out high-carb wheat flour for almond flour.

Eggs, chicken, steak, vegetables are all good for you according to Cruise, in moderation of course.  Cereal, pasta, even fruit can lead to fat storage related to how our bodies use insulin.  I read some of the book and I'm going to give this a try!  I'll let you know if it works for me. 

Here's a link to his site.