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Daily Life Habits that Interfere with our Hearing Health

by Susan Fenrich

When it comes to hearing protection and the workplace, most of us are aware that employers must provide hearing protection in environments where our hearing is at risk. We probably follow proper procedures and do as were told with little thought to the noises we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. We protect ourselves when we are told to, but few of us do it outside of work. So, what kinds of things cause us to be at risk for hearing loss?

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Today nearly one in two people over the age of 50 have difficulty understanding what people say when in a loud environment. We rarely think about it, but daily exposure to loud noises can really harm our ears over a lifetime! Be aware of lawn-care equipment, power tools and basic hand tools such as hammers. These loud, and sometimes prolonged sounds, damage the ears. Prolonged usage of iPod and MP3 players can also damage the ears since they are typically louder than we think they are. Be careful of loud music when you go to night clubs, movie theaters and concerts. These places are known for ear-numbing experiences! Even smoking and diabetes increase our chances for hearing loss.

In a world that is bustling and full of loud happenings, what should we do to prevent hearing loss ? Well the most obvious answer is protecting your ears! Follow these easy tips to prevent further hearing loss:

Wear hearing protection whenever you are in loud environments such as in construction or hunting. Get into the habit of regularly wearing hearing protection when you can. Preventing hearing loss is easier than correcting it. Consider investing in custom hearing protection to better suit your needs.

  • In noisy environments, rest your ears as often as possible to give them a break.
  • Never use MP3 or CD players at more than 60% the maximum volume.
  • Cover your ears if you are exposed to sudden sounds such as a jackhammer. Cup your hands over your ears and place your fingertips into each ear canal.
  • Walk away if the sounds become too loud.
  • Reduce the number of noisy appliances you have running at one time
  • Buy quieter products
  • Use cushioned earphones rather than small ear buds. Ear buds shoot more sound directly into the ears.
  • Do not use music players for more than 60 minutes a day.
  • There is an app for that! Download an app for your iPod to ensure it does not exceed decibel levels.
  • Mind your health! Be aware that other health decisions impact your hearing health.

If you think you have a hearing loss, do not hesitate to get a hearing test from your local hearing professional. If you don't have a hearing loss you may want to invest in custom hearing protection which is also available at your local hearing professional . We do not hesitate to go to the eye doctor if we need glasses, so why hesitate seeing a hearing professional if we need help hearing?

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