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Those Naughty Noisy Toys.

by Susan Fenrich

This season of the year many of us are out looking for that perfect toy for the kids. It seems its just more fun shopping for the little tykes, doesn't it? According to the Sight & Hearing Association there are a few things we should all be aware of though.

Photo credit: Seemann from morguefile.com

While some toys can be downright irritating (Who can ever forget that wonderful Corn Popper Push Pull?) there can be other not so obvious negative effects associated with some toys. Every year the Sight & Hearing Association compiles its list of toys that can pose a threat to hearing health. The culprits this year include a few that produce hazardous decibel levels and should be on our watch list. For a complete PDF list click the link above.

For a closer look at a few of the worst offenders please take a minute or two to review a page from one of our suppliers at: http://www.earq.com/news/noisytoysandhearingloss .

If any of the toys you are considering or may have already purchased are on any of these lists you may want to reconsider your choices.

Written By Jim Silvis

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