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Here we go! List time!

by Laura Bradshaw

Lotsomovies came out in 2013- not every one was a good one, though.  Some even made a ton of cash, but weren't considered as any good....  Yahoo movies has put together a nice little list.  The top 10 worst movies of 2013.  Do you agree? 

10. The Hangover Part III (actually own this- haven't watched it)

9. Oldboy

8. Grown Ups 2- the first one was HOOORRRRIIIBBLE!  And then they made a second?? 

7. The Canyons

6. Machete Kills

5. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (title kinda tipped you off on this one)

4. The Lone Ranger- Johnny Depp- what else do you need??  What can possibly be wrong?

3. After Earth

2. Movie 43

1. A Good Day to Die Hard - let's face it... John McClane needs to hang it up!

(Yahoo Movies)