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Ways parents scare kids

by Laura Bradshaw

When you were a kid, did your parents tell you things that you now know weren't true, but you believed as a child...and maybe still kind of haunt you? These things were really a ploy to keep you from doing certain things.  Some parents were pretty creative!  Check out these tactics......

- "My mom told me there was a little man who lived in the fridge that would turn the light on for you. I believed her and I was terrified of that little man."
- "If I swallowed my gum i would fart bubbles. I did it by accident once and had a full-scale meltdown at Walmart."
- "My mom said if I peed in the shower, pee would come out of the shower nozzle."
- "My parents told me about Santa and how he'll eat me for Christmas if I wasn't a good kid."
- "My mom said that if I didn't sleep by 10 PM, God would abduct me and carry me to the moon."
- "If you pee in the pool, the water would turn red." (although water turning blue may be true).
- "If you don't finish your dinner, Buzz Lightyear will die."
- "My dad told me that guacamole was chopped up lizards. Now i can only eat guacamole I have prepared myself."
- "My parents used to say that if i didn't eat my sandwich crusts I would grow hair on my chest like my pop."
- "For no discernable reason, my dad told me that dragonflies have needles on the butts, and that they sew people's mouths shut."
- "My mom potty trained me by saying that kids in diapers weren't allowed in Disney World. We lived in Orlando and I was a hardcore Disney Channel kid so I really wanted to go. She bought me Minnie Mouse panties and I was potty trained in a week. When we got to Disney I apparently saw a kid in diapers and told the mom that the Disney police were going to get her." 

Still scared??