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Mom arrested for getting her 10-year-old girl a tattoo

by Lunchbox

A tattoo on the arm of a 10-year-old girl in Bartlesville, OK has led to multiple arrests, including her parents.

By Michael Deschenes (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 

Back in August, school officials became concerned about the tattoo they discovered on the arm of the little girl, and called authorities. After their investigation, the police arrested the girls 31-year-old mother for child neglect. 

Through their investigation, they found the tattoo artist responsible for inking the girl. He claimed he was a "clean" artist, but upon investigation they found live and dead roaches near his equipment and an open box of gloves. It was also discovered that human ashes were added to the ink on the young girls tattoo. He was arrested and charged with multiple crimes.

Photo courtesy of tulsaworld.com  

The husband of the mother, and another man, were also arrested during the investigation and eventual Drug Task Force Raid. Big surprise, meth was involved. 

Check out WAY more details here: http://www.tulsaworld.com/communities/bartlesville/two-arrested-after-tattoo-found-on--year-old-in/article_261b95b4-31ea-11e3-a3d3-0019bb30f31a.html