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One World Trade Center's wind issue freaks people out

by Lunchbox

It's been no secret to people who live in large cities, like Chicago and New York, that when the wind kicks up, it can cause a whistle through the skyscrapers. Sometimes it can get really loud. Insert One World Trade, the giant building constructed in place of the fallen World Trade Center towers. The architectural style, positioning, and location all contribute to one of the loudest "building whistles" I've ever heard. And since we have social media, and recording devices in everyone's pockets, video of this phenomenon has made its way to the internet:

And of course, as with most things, people are overreacting. I will admit, that sounds really spooky. But to jump to the conclusion that the building is externally haunted because of the tragedy that took place there, might be just a tad over the line. Reading some of the online comments about this story will make you loose faith in humanity; from conspiracies to defective materials, it seems like people can't just take things at face-value. The wind makes a spooky noise, and it's interesting...end of story.