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Richard Sherman is the villain the NFL needs right now

by Lunchbox

Peyton Manning is stale. Russell Wilson is too nice. Marshawn Lynch is a tough interview. The rest of the players on the Broncos and Seahawks rosters will not be willing to say anything outside of their usual cliches. Things like "You just have to take it one play at a time" or "That's a great team over there" something like "The coaches will put a great game plan together, and we'll stay focused". 

BUT...Richard Sherman...he is our hope. Richard Sherman is a Stanford graduate. Richard Sherman is one of, if not THE, best corner in the NFL. He also likes to talk. Which is GREAT for us, since we have two weeks until the Supe...wait. I don't know if I can say that name. So, that big championship game in New Jersey. There will be a lot of shows to fill with players talking, and we NEED Richard Sherman right now...