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What is going on in Central Wisconsin?

by Lunchbox

Starting last summer, when we heard about Sean Janus for the first time , it seems like there has been an unusual string of animal cruelty cases in the area. Dogs, cats, even horses...it's just, weird. 

I'm not a "pet" person. I don't have any pets at home currently, but I did grow up with a cat, so it's not a completely foreign concept to me. I don't hate pets either, I just choose not to have one. Even though I don't want a pet in my life, I still thing its disturbing for people to take the actions they do. I think these people should be punished severely. The penalties they face should be 2-3 times higher than drug offenses, which oddly seem to carry the second harshest penalties in today's society, behind only online "crimes". 

Just so you don't think I'm blowing this out of proportion, here are some of the examples JUST FROM THE LAST MONTH:

Wisconsin Rapids case 

Stevens Point case 

Clintonville case  

Marathon County case 

Sean Janus case 

The torture of dogs, the lack of care for horses, the mutilation of a kitten...there seems to be some kind of problem here. I have no idea what causes it, if there's even any connection, but the least we can say is that its odd.