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I take my coffee Black...Label Society

by Terry Stevens

Zakk Wylde.  PHOTO CREDIT:  By chascar (originally posted to Flickr as zakk wylde) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons 

When I want to get amped up in the morning, Black Label Society's "The Blessed Hellride" is one of my go-to albums.

Now, thanks to Zakk Wylde, my mornings just got a little more cranked!

Check it:

Two final thoughts.

1)  Zakk's voiceover sounds like Oderous Urungus from GWAR.

2)  It ain't Duncan Hills but it'll do.

*In addition to loving the smell of coffee and metal in the morning"Scary" Terry Stevens is a radio host for Midwest Communications. You can Book Face with him here