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No more Big Four?

by Terry Stevens

PHOTO CREDIT:  Salid, Creative Commons License.

See this ticket?  It may be the last of its kind.

According to Gazzette.net , Slayer's Tom Araya has indicated that one band out of the Big Four of Thrash is keeping another Big 4 type event from happening.  The cause, "politics".

Let's see.  We can assume with some degree of safety that Slayer isn't the band holding up the works.

That leaves Anthrax, Metallica, and Megadeth.

Anthrax showing they still freaking have it!
PHOTO CREDIT:  Mike Lawrence, Creative Commons License 

I find it hard to believe that Anthrax would pass up a gig like that.  Considering how many fans think that their Big 4 spot should be replaced by Testament, Exodus or Overkill, I'd think they'd like to remind everyone why they still wear the crown.

They're on a hot streak right now with the success of "Worship Music".  Another Big 4 show would only keep that momentum rolling.

Now let's take a look at Metallica.

Metallica, playing music while assembling what we must assume is a Decepticon.
PHOTO CREDIT:  Skuds, Creative Commons License

Metallica has hosted two Orion Music and More Festivals and lost money on both.  

Their 3-D movie, "Through the Never", wasn't exactly a box-office smash (though it might do better when released overseas.

Their upcoming Antarctica gig is being funded by a corporate sponsor, so at least they're going to make some coin for that gig.

I'm just sayin', at this point, Metallica might like the surefire payday that would come from another Big 4 gig.

Then again, Metallica doesn't really "need" the Big 4.  They can tour on their own and do just fine.  Why share the spotlight and split the profits with 3 other bands?

That leaves us with Megadeth

History has proven that Dave is definitely a character.  Much like Metallica and Slayer, Megadeth doesn't really "need to prove" they're a part of the Big 4.  (I'd argue that Anthrax doesn't need to prove it either.)

While Metallica has lost money on their most recent high-profile projects, Megadeth's Gigantours keep chugging along with really high quality lineups.  The other bonus of Gigantour is that Megadeth is the headliner.

Last year, the Big 4 gigs ran the bands in the following order:  'Thrax, 'Deth, Slayer, 'Tallica.

Given that Mega-Dave was IN Metallica, is he a bit peeved at having to open for his former band's opener?

I dunno.  In recent interviews, he seems to be over any Metallica-related butthurt.  

But then again, why shouldn't 'Deth be the second to last act?  Surely they've earned the spot, and I say that as a huge Slayer mark.  Is this the "politics" that's keeping the Big 4 from happening again?

This is all speculation on my part of course.

Tune in tomorrow when it's revealed that Anthrax wants to be the Big 4 Headliner, but only if the rest of the bands convert to Christianity first*.

*In addition to already seeing every Big 4 band live in their prime so whatevs"Scary" Terry Stevens is a radio host for Midwest CommunicationsYou can Book Face with him here.
*Yes, I know Anthrax is Jewish.  That makes the last line funnier.