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Which Classic Metallica Album is the Best? A Track By Track Battle! And the Winner is...

by Terry Stevens

PHOTO CREDIT:  Marcelino Portfolio, Creative Commons License  

Two weeks ago, we set out on a mission.

A mission to determine which of Metallica's Legendary First Four Albums is the best one.

In an era of digital downloads, streaming, and 99 cent songs, we determined that the fairest way to determine this would be to compare each album song-by-song.

Track 1 vs Track 1 

Track 2 vs Track 2 

Track 3 vs Track 3 

Track 4 vs Track 4 

Track 5 vs Track 5 

Track 6 vs Track 6 

Track 7 vs Track 7 

The Last Tracks vs The Last Tracks 

You made your picks.  I made mine.  Here's how it shook out.

Kill 'Em All:  Reader Points = 1, Scary FN Terry Points = 1

Ride the Lightning:  Reader Points = 2, Scary FN Terry Points = 1

Master of Puppets:  Reader Points = 2, Scary FN Terry Points = 2

...And Justice for All:  Reader Points = 3, Scary FN Terry Points = 4


I'm as shocked as you are.  I really thought that "Master..." would run away with this, but vote after vote, you and I both preferred "Justice" songs over the offerings from "Kill 'Em All", "Ride the Lightning" and "Master of Puppets".

Taking all of the votes into account, your ultimate old school Metallica mixtape would look something like this:

Track 1:  "Blackened"

Track 2: "Master of Puppets"

Track 3:  "For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Track 4:  "One"

Track 5:  "Disposable Heroes"

Track 6:  "Harvester of Sorrow"

Track 7:  "Creeping Death"

Track 8:  "No Remorse"

Track 9:  "Seek and Destroy"

Track 10:  "Metal Militia"

This was a fun little exercise, one we should do again.  I'm thinking Pantera or Megadeth for the next round.

Thanks for playing along.

*In addition to not realizing just how much he liked "...And Justice for All" until this series, "Scary" Terry Stevens is a radio host for Midwest Communications. You can Book Face with him here .