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Which Classic Metallica Album is the Best? A Track By Track Battle! Pt. 7

by Terry Stevens

PHOTO CREDIT:  Marcelino Portfolio, Creative Commons License 
It's getting down to the wire in our Track-by-Track Battle between Metallica's First Four Albums.

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far.  In case you're just joining us, you can see the results of the Track 1 , Track 2 , Track 3 , Track 4 , Track 5, and Track 6 fights by clicking the appropriate link. 

When first started this series, the two battles readers told me would be the toughest were Track 4 and this one...


Track 7


Kill 'Em All - "Phantom Lord"

The Track 7 Battle starts off strong with "Phantom Lord".  Thrashy as hell riffs, Dungeons and Dragons bad guy lyrics, an acoustic bridge, it has all the makings of a Metalli-classic.  Anthrax did a pretty ripping cover of it back in day too.

It's going to take a bad ass song to knock this "Lord" off his throne.  (OMG.  Did I really just type that?  GROAN...)


Ride the Lightning - "Creeping Death"

Speaking of bad ass songs, meet "Creeping Death".

A thrasher of biblical proportions (enough...with...the...puns), inspired by the Book of Exodus and its tale of The Plague of the Death of the Firstborn, "Creeping Death" is a monster song.  (Plus, its biblical origins gave us something to throw right back in the faces of Fundamentalist Christians who are all "Metal's all about the Devil!")

Then there's that bridge.  There are few things more sublime in the world of metal than being at a Metallica concert and yelling "DIE!" over and over again while the band continues on with...

Die by my hand 
I creep across the land 
Killing first born man  

Hellz yes.


Master of Puppets - "Orion"


One of my great psychic wounds in metal, (and rock music in general) is that no one seems to want to make cool instrumentals any more.  Thank goodness for prog-metal and bands like Scale the Summit .

"Orion" features more of those awesome "OMG!  Is that really a BASS making that noise ?" moments from main composer Cliff Burton (1:42-2:13 & 6:36-6:55), along with killer delivery from the rest of the band.

It's a song so good they named their music festival after it .


...And Justice for All - "The Frayed Ends of Sanity"


The "March of the Winkies " chant at the beginning of this song is the bestest.  (Yes, they're called Winkies .) 

The rest of "Frayed Ends..." is full of proggy, "Justice"-y goodness, and lyrics that sound like they came from one of my darkest days (no, not the lame ass Nickelback-lite My Darkest Days).  A solid track.


Scary FN Terry's Pick:  "Creeping Death"

I love Cliff Burton.  I love instrumental metal.  I love "Orion".

But I love this just a little bit more:

After reading that, you might be chanting "DIE!" too, not because you love "Creeping Death", but because you think my choice sucks harder than Nickelback's entire catalog.  (That's a lot of suck.)

Stop yelling (you're scaring the neighbors) and instead, share your choice for the best Track 7 below:

Which Metallica Track 7 do you think is the best?

Join us tomorrow when we wrap this whole thing up!

*In addition to yelling "DIE!" a lot, "Scary" Terry Stevens is a radio host for Midwest Communications. You can Book Face with him here.