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Do You Yell At Your Kids Too Much??

by Corey Carter

I came across this article from the Huffington Post about a Mother who learned quite a few things when she stopped yelling at her kids

CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLEHaving a 4-year-old and twin 2-year-olds, I feel like my wife or I "yell" quite a bit.  Do we do it too much?  I don't *think* so, but how much is "too much??"  

One of the things that I noticed often when I see parents who have young kids is that there seems to be a lack of "taking charge" at times.  I always told myself when witnessing that was I don't want to be in a position where my kids "run the house."  (Now we all know that kids DO run the house in some regard-as parents kinda have to change their lives around raising their kids.)

What I'm getting at is that I DO yell, but only when I think it's truly needed; when one of the kids is asked repeated times to stop doing something and they continue to do it, when one of the kids is doing something that puts them in immediate danger and they need to stop NOW, when one of the kids punches/hits/intentionally hurts another kid, or when my 4-year-old continues to "whine" about something that we've already addressed (usually saying "no" so something she wants.)   That's pretty-much it.   Is that too much?  I really don't think so, but the great thing about parenting, is that there is no "RIGHT" or "WRONG"...if it works...(and you're not breaking the law or harming the kids) then it's all good!