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Playground of Yesteryear

by David Kuharski

Over the weekend Julie and I had to venture out-of-town to see a sick relative.  Our kids, like most, were capable of sticking out the waiting room at the hospital for only so long.  They got their fill of the complementary toys, puzzles and games--and eventually they were done. 

Julie and I were proud of them, but we knew that we had to find a place--a cheap place--for them to have fun.  Enter that city's abundant parks and playgrounds!  In all seriousness, if you're on a budget and you need to find some out-of-the-house recreation--try a playground! 

Better yet, if you can find one--and we were blessed with one over the weekend--try a wooden fortress-like park!  These, I believe, are going away because governments can't keep up with their maintenance.  But, to this city's credit, they kept up this park and it was an immediate hit for the kids.  They ran all over--made friends--chased each other all over--and were able to expend some of that energy that had to be uncapped after their boring hospital visit.