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Sunday Video Game Day

by David Kuharski

Summer day-- nice and warm, lots to do outside? 

Not so in our house Sunday.  Yup, the calendar said July 7th, but it was chilly and rainy.  Julie and I had big plans for the weekend.  But they didn't come to pass.  So, what did we do? 

My son recently moved his video games downstairs.  After church and lunch we put our really little boys down for a nap.  As I dosed off on the couch (no, this isn't a post advocating naps--but that could be one down the road) Caleb turned on his Ultimate Marvel game and started playing with Keith, his little brother.  Ordinarily, this could've been a disaster.  See, Caleb sometimes doesn't want to play with his little bro.  As I dosed off, I wondered what we were going to do as a family?  A short nap later found Caleb and Keith, working as a team, to take our Mysterio.  As kiddos awoke, Julie and I watched the older boys playing--and playing nice at that!  Their younger bros and sisters watched on too, intrigued by their big brothers video game skills.  So, if the weather deals you lemons, a quiet day watching your little super heroes tackle the evil forces of Dr. Doom may not be so bad.