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Potty time!

by Nikki Montgomery

My husband seems a little discouraged with potty training. We've been asking Mia if she wants to sit on the potty for months now and she always gets excited and says yes, but she never actually went. Her two cousins about 6 months younger than her have both gone on the potty one is pretty much trained. Josh wonders why it's taking so long for Mia to get it. I keep telling him that the other girls have an advantage because they have older siblings they see using the potty. I also told him that she just turned two and kids will decide in their own time when they're ready that can happen anytime between 18 months and 3 years old. Sometimes sooner, but very rarely. 

Yesterday I had a sense that she was going to poop so I said, "Mia do you want to go poopy on the potty?" She said, "YES!" She and Josh ran to the bathroom and she did it!! We were at my parents house with my brother and his family so we did a lot of cheering in the bathroom and when Mia walked into the living room we all cheered and clapped for her. She put her finger over her mouth and said, "Shhh, quiet." It was so funny!

We told her to tell us the next time she had to poop and we'd go on the potty again. She said, "Okay!" But the next time she didn't tell us. I told her she stinks when she goes in her diaper and she said, "yeah". 

A little while later I was holding Kenzie, her 3 month old sister, and Kenzie pooped Mia ran over and pointed at her and said, "Baby poop! Baby stinks eeew!" We all busted up laughing! 

I don't know what to do to push this potty training process along a little faster. She obviously has interest because she gets excited to sit on the potty. My mom told me to buy her big girl panties with her favorite characters on them so I bought Minnie, Rapunzel, and Tinkerbell panties. She has no interest in wearing them. My sister in law suggested we let her run around naked, but cleaning up messes doesn't work for me. Besides she's a stay at home mom and I work so I'd only be able to do it on a weekend and I'm far too busy trying to catch up on a weeks worth of house work to keep an eye on a naked 2 year old. Do you have any suggestions that may work for us?

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