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Photoshop World Is On Now In Vegas Baby!!

by Dave Kallaway

Photoshop World is for sure the biggest gathering of photographers I can think of. Thousands of photogs make the trip to it either in the spring or NOW in Vegas..I mean right now!! So if you were planning on avoiding people with cameras..not a good week to go to Sin City. But if you're into photography in anyway..make the trek to a few intense days of seminars, parties, photo walks, camera companies galore...it's Wow Factor 9 on what you can learn. I talked to a photographer the other day that has gone to Photoshop World 5 times and is there now in Vegas for his 6th trip. He said you meet and talk to the greatest photography teachers, you mingle with photogs from all over the world..and leave with inspiration to take that next incredible photograph for your portfolio. Seems like at some point..you as a photographer..need to check this off your bucket list..going to Photoshop World!