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Gene Simmons actually apologized for something...

by Otto Man

KISS singer and bassist, Gene Simmons apologized for comments he made about depressed people, saying they should just "kill themselves".

Simmons made the original comments in an interview with SongFacts.com late last month. HERE and had since been widely criticized for his comments by a number of fans and fellow musicians, including Mtley Cre bassist Nikki Sixx, who called the statements moronic.

Simmons posted Friday on Facebook he was wrong and made the comments without thinking how people who suffer from depression might feel. He added he is sympathetic towards anyone who suffers from any disease, including depression, and making unkind comments about depression wasnt something he meant to do. FULL STATEMENT HERE

Sixx then complimented Gene Simmons for apologizing and said it was 100% right to do. And also added he didnt think it was right that some radio stations across the country stopped playing KISS because of the comments.

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