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Hellyeah making line-up changes.

by Otto Man

Hellyeah’s going through some line-up changes. Blabbermouth.net reported that guitarist Greg Tribbett and bassist Bob “Zilla” Kakaha have parted ways with the band. It is not known if the lineup change took place before or after their new album was recorded. Bloodsimple’s Kyle Sanders has apparently been selected for the bass spot, and that would seem to say Hellyeah will go forward as a four-piece, at least for the time being. Sanders joins singer Chad Gray, drummer Vinnie Paul and guitarist Tom Maxwell in the band.

The band made a statement in the comments section of their Facebook page, writing, “Things happen for necessary reasons. It’s so easy for people to assume or makeup reasons for things. Don’t ASSUME anything! The reasons for this parting of ways was for the better good. When you hear the new record you’ll understand.”

Hellyeah also revealed details about their next album. ‘Blood for Blood’ will be in stores and at online retailers on June 10th

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