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John Bonham in hologram form?

by Otto Man

Jason Bonham hopes to take to the stage with his late father John during his Led Zeppelin Experience shows by creating a hologram of the legend. Bonham stood in for his father during Led Zeppelin's one-night reunion in 2007 and is currently touring the U.S. performing the rock supergroup's back catalogue. The Led Zeppelin Experience already features on-screen images of the pair before John's death in 1980, while another segment involves Jason drumming along to video recordings of a solo by John. Now Bonham wants to take his 'duets' a step further and fulfill his dream of playing onstage alongside his father with the help of new technology. He tells Legendary Rock Interviews however he is struggling to find appropriate footage, adding, "The biggest challenge... is finding original video material to work with. These guys were operating in the 1970s; it's not like it is today where everybody can record everything with a phone or digital camera. Back in those days, if you had a camera that could record video, you were well off. To edit, work with it, process it and release it was a whole other matter. I'm trying to work with the limited footage I have, to put it together in a way that works and is purposeful." 

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