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Kiss Arena Football Team begin play.

by Otto Man

The arena football league team owned in part by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, the L.A. Kiss, won their inaugural home game Saturday night. Almost as important was the spectacle surrounding the game. For the introductions, players were lowered from the arenas ceiling. During timeouts, girls in bikinis danced in cages over the field and BMX riders put on stunt riding displays, and there were plenty of fireworks and lasers to be seen throughout the evening. Musically Steel Panther played a pre-game concert, guitarist Nita Strauss performed the national anthem, and Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister stopped by to help out with the coin toss. Attendance for the game was announced at 12,045, which, according to Fox Sports, is nearly 4,500 more people than the average crowd at an AFL game.

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