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Metallica music and film news

by Otto Man

Metallica’s James Hetfield says in a new interview with Billboard that the band has enough material to start an album right now, but the biggest issue is finding time in their schedule to focus on it. The frontman explains, “I want it done yesterday and [Orion Music + More] and this movie is keeping us pretty busy at this point and it’s taking a lot of time and effort.” Hetfield added the group has begun the early stages of putting their next record together, but cautions, “We’ve gone through maybe one-tenth of the material that’s on our riffs CDs. We’ve got enough for an album, we just haven’t had enough time to really focus on it and dial in and start whittling it into these masterpieces hopefully.” More and more

Meanwhile Drummer Lars Ulrich is at the Cannes Film Festival in France, where he has done a couple of video interviews to talk about the band's movie, "Metallica Through The Never", which is due for release this fall. Ulrich is at the festival to help sell the film to international distributors. Ulrich spoke to Vulture.com. "Metallica Through The Never" will open on IMAX screens in the U.S. on September 27, with a wider release following on October 4. More and more and more