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More footage of Rob Zombies walk off in Cadott.

by Otto Man

(Beware a TON of NSFW language in the following)

(FFWD to 8:10 for him leaving the stage)

Rob Zombie was forced to cut short his July 20 set at the Rock Fest in Cadott due to throat problems. After performing only two songs, a raspy-voiced Rob Zombie apologized to the festival crowd before walking offstage. After finishing Superbeast, Zombie said:

Ive never done this before. I cant even talk, man. Theres no way I can do this show, Im sorry. Its f***ing bulls**t, I know. We dont want to give you a s**t show, Im sorry. What can we do?

And then left the stage.

The festival organizers offered an apology for Rob Zombies early exit on Facebook:"Sorry Rock Festers. We didnt mean for Rock Fest to end this way. What we were told is Rob Zombies voice went. We tried to get him back on stage, but to no avail. Thats what took so long. Thanks for being the most amazing rock fans around. Travel safely.

Rock Fest shared a statement from Rob on their Facebook page apologizing once again earlier today: "Sorry, everybody. I wish my voice wasnt so f***ed. I knew from the first second we started that it was impossible to get through the show."


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