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So why didn't ​Mötley Crüe have the "drum rollercoaster" in Milwaukee?

by Otto Man

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee said his drum setup known as The Cruecifly" will not be seen at every venue on their farewell tour due to safety risks. Tommy was asked on Twitter why the set up wasn't used at their July 4 th show at the Marcus Amphitheater in Milwaukee, and replied: "Hi guys! Want you to know certain venues cannot handle the Cruecifly! It's not our fault their roof cannot hang the rig! It's massive!" (Video from opening night of the tour in Grand Rapids, MI)

The Cruecifly features a longer track this time that goes out well into the crowd. The Cruecifly features Lees drum kit attached to roller coaster tracks and has a 360 degree loop. He debuted the track in 2011 for the bands 30th anniversary tour. It was retired in 2013 but Lee wanted to bring it back for their farewell tour. Tweet and more and more and more

Loudwire posted a full retrospective of Tommy's drum stunts from over the years: Here

Motley Crue also debuted a new song called: All Bad Things Must End

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An audio snippet of the studio recording of "All Bad Things Must End" can be heard in the "sizzle reel" for the band's "The Final Tour".