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The Drama that IS Stone Temple Pilots

by Otto Man

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS members Robert and Dean DeLeo, and Eric Kretz have been announced as performers at the ninth annual MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert. The trio is being advertised as ‘Members of Stone Temple Pilots,’ lending credence to the notion that they’ll be able to continue utilizing the band name without worry. At the time Scott Weiland was ousted from STP earlier this year, he claimed that he was not able to be fired and that details concerning the band’s name would be looked into. This will be the remaining trio’s first performance since their tour finale last September. More  and more

Meanwhile Weiland maintains that he is still part of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and that the other members of the band cannot tour under that name without him. During an interview with X107.5 in Las Vegas, Nevada last week, Weiland was asked if STONE TEMPLE PILOTS will continue to play without him, and replied "I started the band. I'm not gonna go into, legally, but there's things in place, like certain clauses that are in place that keep that from happening." Weiland also claimed that substance abuse issues were not the reason for his firing, saying: "I haven't been doing any of that bad stuff in a long time. I drink some, but I don't drink and drive. I'm fine, I'm all good." More