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Tom Petty shut down by the fire marshal

by Otto Man

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers played an intimate show over the weekend in Los Angeles , but about 90 minutes into the set, it was canceled by a fire marshal. Petty announced from the stage that he had been warned by the fire marshal that the floor was a hundred people over capacity. Everything seemed fine and he jokingly asked if a hundred people wanted to voluntarily head upstairs or leave. Petty then said: "I've done my job, now I'm gonna do what I do best." One song later, Petty and his band were told to leave the stage. Once the house lights came up, cheers turned to boos. Outside the venue, fans could be seen yelling at the fire marshal.

Petty said afterward he feels so bad, he wants to reimburse his fans stating: "If it has to come out of my own pocket, everyone will get reimbursed."

The band also released a statement that said: "First and foremost, the safety of our fans is our primary concern and the most important consideration. To those fans who attended last night's show at the Fonda Theatre, we are as frustrated as you are! While we are still investigating exactly what happened we do know the following as of right now:

1) The number of tickets sold was NOT above the legal capacity of the building. The venue and Ticketmaster documentation confirms this.

2) The Fire Marshal decided that the number of people on the floor (as opposed to on the upstairs balcony or terrace) was unsafe.

“Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and our representatives rely on the concert promoter and venue representatives to give us an accurate breakdown of the legal capacity for every part of the building and to provide security and other staff to enforce this. We are still investigating all details of last night's situation and will keep you informed.  We thank you for your support. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers"

No word on when fans will be reimbursed.

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