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ASS WARS! In This Moment VS The Pretty Reckless!

by Terry Stevens

Earlier today, The Pretty Reckless released the cover art and track listing for their upcoming album, "Going to Hell".

PHOTO CREDIT:  Razor & Tie Records
Done touching yourself yet?


I dig the cover (for obviass reasons), butt it reminds me of another recent piece of cover art...

PHOTO CREDIT:  Century Media Records

Aaaaaaand, you're back to fapping.  [SIGH] Fine.  I'll wait.


Alright then.

Two covers.  Two takes.  Four cheeks.  The question is, which band brought the best butt?

Which cover art has the best butt?

[EDIT 1/23/2014]

I would be remiss in my duties as the daddy of a daughter if I didn't also point out that Taylor Momsen and Maria Brink are very, very talented entertainers as demonstrated by their music:

Also, this:

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