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The Rock Nation Expert Panel - The best Halloween Rock Songs part 1

by Lunchbox

We've put together 15 Rock Radio experts from across the country to form our Rock Nation Expert Panel. These select few will be tasked with putting together their rankings for various polls and concepts, all for your entertainment.

Recently we asked the Experts what songs should make our Halloween Mix-Tape? We wanted to find songs that don’t fit your standard mold for Halloween. Songs like “Boris the Spider” or “Monster Mash”. Songs that might be over-looked on a lot of Halloween Rock Song lists.

Here come numbers 20-11:

#20 - Z-trip featuring Chester Bennington “Walking Dead”

Mix DJ Z-Trip hooked up with Linkin Park (and now Stone Temple Pilot) lead singer Chester Bennington for this powerhouse alt track in 2005 for his album Shifting Gears. This song could easily find its way into a movie/TV/video game trailer for some zombie related content

#19 - Rammstein “Ich Will”

Maybe it’s creepy because they’re German, maybe it’s just the term “Ich Will”, or maybe it’s the eerie sound of the song. Whatever it is, this song could make the soundtrack to the next Freddy vs. Jason movie

#18 - Gorillaz “Clint Eastwood”

There’s a creep factor to Damon Albarn’s voice, even when he’s singing for Blur. Mix that with the droning beat for “Clint Eastwood” and Del The Funky Homosapien’s lyrics and flow, you have a feel-good-downer.

#17 - Metallica “The Thing That Should Not Be”

In all honesty, we could have made an entire Halloween Mix-Tape from Metallica songs. But during the voting process with our experts, they were very scattered in their Metallica choices. The one that did rise to the top of the Metallica pile was “The Thing That Should Not Be”. Of course, a song about Cthulhu is creepy

#16 - Pantera “Cemetery Gates”

Again, we could make an entire Halloween list of metal songs...but as far as the voting from our Experts, Pantera’s “Cemetery Gates” rose above most to land in the top #20. And why not?

#15 - Shiny Toy Guns “Ghost Town”

It sounds like Shiny Toy Guns wrote this for a scary movie, even though it may have been for a tween movie. It falls onto the “fun” side of Halloween, but it’s still creepy enough to earn a spot.

#14 - The Mars Volta “The Widow”

Yeah, you could drop this into almost any horror movie trailer, and it’d fit. Lyrics, sound, video...all of this fits the Halloween theme.

#13 - Blue October “Dirt Room”

This could have been higher on the list, and you wouldn’t get complaints. There’s a point on every countdown where “does this song belong” turns into “this song should be closer to #1” and this is that point. Just listen to the lyrics of this song...it’s the script to a home-invasion horror movie

#12 - Ministry “Everyday is Halloween”

So it’s not going to scare you, but that’s not what this list is about. For every creep-you-out song, you can find an equally awesome non-threatening Halloween song.

#11 - Slayer “Raining Blood”

Yeah, we could make a whole Halloween list with just metal songs, just Slayer songs, or even just songs with the word BLOOD in the title. But we’re making a diverse list voted on by our panel. Of the Slayer options, “Raining Blood” may be the most applicable to the Halloween theme.  

Look out for our list from 10-1 tomorrow!