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KISS Feared Following Up Destroyer Album

by Amber Lee

Destroyer had lavish production and was such an iconic album, KISS feared following it up. That explains the stripped down sound of Rock and Roll Over. During an interview, Starchild fessed up to the worry. 

“Quite honestly, we were chickenshit. We were scared of where we had gone with Destroyer. We’d traded off the rawness of Kiss for something more cinematic. Bob Ezrin was a visionary. Without him, we were back to creating within our own boundaries. Rock And Roll Over was our 180-degree turn to get back to what the band sounded like live. It wasn’t rocket science.” 

Stanley went on to add, “Eddie Kramer, the producer, found The Star Theatre in Nanuet, New York. It was a theatre in the round that fit around 2,000 people, but it had gone under as a business venture. Eddie thought this place would give us the sonic ambience of a gig. We would rehearse in the theatre proper, but when we recorded we were not in the same room. Peter’s drums were set up in a bathroom upstairs and we’d be coaching him through a video camera. The live vibe had more to do with sonics than being in the same room."