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Slash Loves the New STP w/ Chester [VIDEO]

by Amber Lee

"On a quick break from interviews, listening to new @STPband w/ @chesterbe sounds fantastic! Really excited for this new line-up." - Slash's Twitter

If you get the feeling Slash must be tight with the guys in Stone Temple Pilots who are not named Scott, you're not alone. Slash was the first one to say Weiland was 86'ed from the band. This was months before Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, or Eric Kretz said anything publicly. 

This weekend, the DeLeo brothers and Kretz made a huge statement when they took the stage with Chester Bennington of Linkin Park on vocals. The other guys in STP wanted Bennington for the band, and hoped he'd say yes. Clearly, he did. What's impressive is that according to the interview below, this all happened just a month ago. In that time, they managed to record "Out of Time," which is being given away for free HERE

More shows and more music will follow. Chester Bennington is in Stone Temple Pilots. 

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