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Hardly the fashion plate, but I'll learn

by Jack Taylor

When other staffers heard I selected shopping and fashion for a blog, laughter rose to a fever pitch.  And it's not hard to understand.  I've been wearing jeans, tennis shoes and often a collared shirt to the office for over 35 years.  What does a 56-year-old radio announcer know about fashion?

I don't know Armani from Zara. (Yup, I looked 'em up)  I've heard there's a rule about wearing white and it has to do with summer holidays but even that simple idea eludes me.  Some of the younger announcers prefer ripped jeans, very expensive I'm told, and designer t-shirts.  I guess when my Levis grey and fray I'm something of a statement.

I don't like white shoes or belts but I see them on golfers, both pro and amateur, all the time.  Is that fashion?

I saw "The Devil Wears Prada."  I took in Meryl Streep's dressing down of Ann Hathaway for not realizing how all clothing makes it to the Kmart where I shop at.

So I'm stretching my comfort zone here a little but I do know a nice suit when I see one and I can cleanup for whatever affair you throw at me.  Now, I'll pay more attention to the racks and of course I'll need to keep a tab on these blogs for ideas and information.

But make no mistake, I'm a Macy's credit card holder and I love that store.  If knowledge means spending more I'm on board.