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Guy going for the last strike in a 300 game has the rack come down on him.

by Jon Henseler



Look this blog has basically been a running story line of how awful I am as a person. Remember the last episode of Seinfeld where everyone the group had ever made fun of or wronged came back to haunt them? That's going to be me when this blog ends with everyone I've ever internet tough guy-ed forming a line to punch me in my no-no swimsuit parts. From the little girl Bears fan who was crying when the Packers beat Chicago all the way to the dude who was rejected during his marriage proposal earlier today. But on this video, I have a heart. Because a little known fact about me is that I am a HUGE bowler. Actually that combined with a 3 year obsession with Magic The Gathering and a 29 year obsession with wrestling has been like a Mortal Kombat fatality to my love life. But either way I actually, genuinely feel for this dude. I feel like the Grinch when his heart grows three sizes. Because I have NEVER rolled a 300 game in my life. Closest I came was running it up to the 10th frame. And by that point my palms were sweaty, legs shaky, and I was seeing double (rolling a 300 game is a lot like having Hepatitis apparently). And of course the pressure got to me and I hit a 4-7-10 split. But if I got to the LAST frieking ball and the rack came down on what looked to be a strike I would lose it. 4 casualties minimum. So the fact that Troy Walker not only took this in stride but actually took some blame is commendable.

And I would take a shot at Mike Flanagan and Robert McBride but I'm probably two more poor morning shows away from applying for a job with U Can Bowl 2.

PS: Should have marked it zero.