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Jay Bilas: 1 NCAA: 0

by Jon Henseler

Flat out LOVE this Tweet rant Jay Bilas put together the other day. Hey NCAA! Do you like apples? And the best part of it is that Jay Bilas should be Mr. NCAA. Guy makes a living analyzing NCAA sports. If it weren't for NCAA basketball he'd be just another goofy white guy from Duke whose life ended after his 8th year of eligibility (stand up Cherokee Parks!). But Jay is clearly out of fudges (only I didn't say fudge) here. 

And I know we've been over this before but he couldn't be more right. The NCAA is without question the most hypocritical organization on the planet. MLB and their stance on steroids is a close second. Just making BANK on jersey sales, ticket sales, TV deals and video games*. We're talking BILLIONS with a 'B' on these kids. Then when Johnny Football signs a few autographs and maybe makes a few bucks they want suspend him or kick him out of Texas A&M. And when people defend these players they always fall back on 'well they're getting a free education!' Pffft. First of all a free education to a guy who is going to the NFL next year is about as valuable as my Packer's stock. And second of all even if a player isn't going to make millions in the NFL, that free degree doesn't necessarily guarantee anything. I've got an NCAA education (UWSP, ever heard of it?) and the line between 'internet blogger' and 'homeless' is razor thin. So not allowing these athletes (who are legal adults mind you) to cash in while they can is borderline Un-American. This isn't Russia Danny is this Russia? This isn't Russia. 

*How long do you think the line will be of former athletes who EA Sports and the NCAA 'used' in their video games will be now that EA lost their lawsuit. I'm picturing the end scene of cars from Field of Dreams times infinity.