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Larry Sanders Celebrates His New Contract By Getting Some New Ink! Wait What Does That Say?

by Jon Henseler

How 'Bucks' is this story folks. We're the frieking Jets of the NBA. We finally might have a guy that we're not horrified of investing some money in, a guy who seems to hustle and genuinely care, who actually seems to be a 'community' guy, and most importantly someone who isn't named Dan Gadzuric. And we give that guy a decent deal; 4 years 44 million. So what does that guy do with his new paycheck? Get some ink! No problem there, tattoos are to NBA players what wasted ambition is to bloggers. Only when Larry gets ready to Instagram out his new ink he gets a rude awakening. Turns out his tattoo artist was sick on the 'i before e except after c' day in 1st grade. Ah well. Time to turn some lemons into lemonade and be the next guest on Tattoo Rescue*.

*Good show, but it's not even in the Bar Rescue league. I feel like Taffer needs to host all 'Rescue' shows. He would have this tattoo parlor shut down before lunch. Can't spell? SHUT IT DOWN!

PS: If Larry goes back and just gets one of those Word red squiggly lines under this instead of just having it redone he gets cool points times infinity.

Double PS: This blog calling out spelling errors is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black. At least he was close with 'recieve.' I once tried to spell 'necessary' with do many double consonants that Word gave me a 'no suggestions' when I right clicked it. Now that's a moment.