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Little Auburn fan gets surprise BCS Championship tickets for Xmas!

by Jon Henseler

One thing I sort of dig about the Youtube world we live in is the day after Christmas you see a ton of videos of little kids* going bananas over sick Christmas gifts. Well that and this. Because this is what Christmas is all about**. Nothing better than Christmas when you're between the ages of 4-16. Not that it gets worse as you get older, it just becomes less about the presents you got and more about getting inappropriately drunk and silently judging your family member's life decisions. Which I get A LOT of I'm sure. 'So Jon, your mom says you're still a writer?' 'Ummmm...yeah!' 

Anyhow can't help but feel great for this little guy because as we've talked about, there is NOTHING more important in the south than college football and he's about to spend some time bonding with his pop at a BCS Championship game. Not to mention those tickets are a MINIMUM $450 bones a piece. But it's a once in a lifetime experience so I'm sure his little sister won't mind going to community college for a year or two. I actually think I had the same reaction as this bro in 2003 when my sister surprised me and my dad with tickets to Lambeau. At that point I had never been. Granted I was 19 and this dude is probably 8 or 9, but our voices and screams sound about the same so it's six of one, half dozen of the other really. And the flat out BEST part is when Grandma chimes in, 'what do you say?!' 'Thanks dad' 'Noooo..WHAT DO YOU SAY?!' 'WAR EAGLE!'

*I feel like, somewhere, Chris Hanson, just looked up from the paper while drinking coffee at his kitchen table. 'I must go to Sheboygan, I don't know why, but I must go.'

**JK mom. Christmas is all about Jesus, church, and BCS tickets.

PS: I think my favorite Christmas present I ever got as a kid was the Ghostbusters Firehouse complete with goop. Followed closely by my WWF wrestling ring , with Sega Genesis rounding out my top 3.