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It’s time for an Energee boost!

by Nick Vitrano

When your franchise resides in the purgatory of the NBA, there’s not much hope for ya as a fan base.  I’m lookin’ at you, Milwaukee Bucks.

Conventional sports wisdom states that it’s never a negative to make the post-season.  Of course, right?  It’s a reflection not only of present-day team success and implied brightness for the future, but it’s playoff exposure, playoff merchandise…playoff revenue.  Right?  Yeah, unless you’re the #8 seed in the NBA. 

As the NBA’s #8 seed, you’re likely sub .500 (at least in the East) and your reward for making the post-season?  Getting stomped by the #1.  You’re also just on the outside of the lottery pick sweepstakes, so with the 15th pick in the next draft, you’ll nab a nice player with tremendous upside.  Translation: the guy may not pan out at all, and if he does, it’ll probably be a couple of seasons before his impact is truly felt.  And as far as that impact goes – like the league on the whole, the void is greater from top to middle than in any pro entity.

Of course, there are exceptions: Memphis a few years back; there was Philly over Chicago in 2012, but generally speaking, making the tournament as the NBA’s #8 seed doesn’t take you too far.

So back to the Bucks…it’s tough to drum up optimism for the coming season, but hang in there fans.  The franchise’s talent extends beyond the ticking clock.  There’s a time out on the floor…and you know what that means.  It’s time for an Energee boost! 

HERE are finalists for this year’s squad, and you can vote for your favies.